Since 1985, Kevin McPherrin has brought the original work of the world's finest emerging artists to the design community. Every style is represented, from European transitional pieces to cutting-edge abstracts to photo-real figuratives. Each artist brings a distinctive vision to the gallery’s ever-evolving collection.


















Every piece is a hand painted, oil-on-canvas original work of art. No gliceé, serigraphs or other mechanical prints are offered.

Excellent photography of each piece is available to you by mail, courier or e-mail whenever you require it. If you describe what you are looking for, we will search for appropriate reference photos.

In those cases where custom sizes and colors are required, our artists will create work to your size, color and subject matter specs within a short eight week lead-time.

The gallery’s standards are the highest you will find; from the quality of work, to the exactness of framing, to the safety of packing. We are a small company that takes pride in each painting that goes out the door.

When you need a piece in a hurry, our large inventory of over 700 paintings and our ability to get them out to you quickly can be invaluable.

There is no sales pressure at KMI Gallery. We’re here to help you find the perfect piece of art and to keep you as a long-term client and friend.

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