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Since 1985, Kevin McPherrin has brought the original work of the world’s finest emerging artists to the design community. Kevin McPherrin Gallery represents the work of more than 20 artists from nine countries— all exclusive to the gallery.

Kevin McPherrin Gallery Owner

Kevin McPherrin

Clients admiring the realistic features of a large portrait painting.
One of the artists working on a painting titled Yazuka. This painting features a realistic backside of a tattooed woman.

Ngurah Merta

With our current artist roster, every style is represented, from edgy graffiti work to cutting-edge abstracts to sensual photo-realistic figures. Each artist brings a distinctive vision to the gallery’s ever-evolving collection. Every one of the more than 500 pieces in stock is a hand painted, oil-on-canvas original work of art. No giclées or other prints are offered.


In those cases where custom sizes and colors are required, our artists can be commissioned to create work to your size, color and subject matter specs. The lead time can be as short as five weeks and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Please call/email for an appointment or to request a password to access the full collection.

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